Mikey's Trail Dust - What are people saying about the best seasoning, spices, and rub!

Testimonials from loyal patrons:

Chef Virinia, Grover Beach, CA:
"I have been putting Mikey's Spice on my grilled meats for a long time, and it always brings out the best flavor! Recently, I decided to try it on some foods with milder flavors of their own. First, I tried it on a boiled egg. Wow! It was delicious! Next, I tried it on my hash browns and I will never want to eat them without Mikey's Spice again. I can only hope that Mikey offers a travel size of his spice soon so I can put it in my purse and take it with me. The flavor of Mikey's spice isn't like any other spice blend I've tried. It wasn't just garlic, salt and paprika, but a complex blend of spices with a real 'chuck wagon' vibe."
Sonny, Acton, CA:
"Over the years we have been fortunate to have been supplied with Mikey's Trail Dust and my wife has used it on just about everything she cooks. One evening she made the fried chicken that I really like and it was not the same, just not as good. I asked her what she had done differently and she said she had run out of Mikey's Spice. I now make sure she has a good supply on hand so that does not happen again."
Tim, San Juan Capistrano, CA:
"Mikey's Trail Dust has been one of the most wonderful discoveries I have made for our kitchen in a very long time! It should be looked upon as a 'Secret Weapon' of good cooking. It makes everything taste better and will keep your cooking on the professional chef side of food preparation. Can't go wrong with it!"
Tina, San Juan Capistrano, CA:
"Tim and I love Mikey's Trail Dust! We use it on everything from veggies to salmon to shrimp to steak. We barbeque a lot and Mikey's Trail Dust is always our 'go-to' spice rub of choice. We have tried lots of other rubs and made our own, but Mikey's Trail Dust is way better! I would definitely recommend it to our friends, but, we don't want to share our supply. All the best!"
Doreen & Leo, Richmond, CA:
"So many spices for so many foods, too much of this, not enough of that. Imagine, one little bottle that does it all! Beef - Pork - Chicken - Fish, and yes, even Veggies. Mikey's does it all - and better!! Love ya"
Keith and Heidi, Canyon Country, CA:
"We use Mikey Spice on everything, literally. We use it on steak, chicken, fish, potatoes, rice, vegetables, and eggs. We even take it with us when we travel or go out to eat. Mikey Spice simply makes everything better!"
Laura, Frazier Park, CA:
"Mikey's Original Old West Trail Dust is the BEST Combination of spices I ever had. I was introduced to it on steamed squash and now I won't steam it if I don't have the Dust, it just isn't the same. I use it on meats, potatoes, eggs and veggies. When I run out of it, it is my #1 priority to get some more. I absolutely LOVE it."